Trajan Project


Trajan Project

2017 was the 1900th death day anniversary of the Emperor Trajan who reigned during the period of Rome’s greatest expansion.

To commemorate the occasion the Mercati di Traiano Museo dei Fori Imperiali, also known as the Trajan Markets and Imperial Fora museum commissioned a team from Duke University to create a lofi high tech project involving the Basilica Ulpia, the largest basilica of the ancient world.

Inquerio’s responsibility included conceptualization and development of various installations including elements of a stand alone holographic display, virtual and scale model simulated representations of potential recreations, and a life sized anamorphic installation detailing a legionnaires journey as an exploration of partial fragments to a massive relief formerly along the facade of the Basilica Ulpia.

The goal was ultimately to contextualize these seemingly odd and intangible artifacts from a different time and society.

Dr. Nevio Danelon from Duke University and Professor Todd Berreth from NCSU were integral in the design, implementation, and development of multiple elements of the installation.

The recreated Basilia was modeled entirely by Dr. Danelon. Our 3D prints were courtesy of a generous donation through 3DSystems.

Inquerio’s role included research, design and development for both digital “recreations” and viewing technology specifically designed to contextualize existing fragments.