Microsoft CES


Microsoft CES

This project is in collaboration with MAG and Future Colossal to showcase Microsoft’s ecosphere through contextual merchandising.

Inquerio’s responsibilities included Animation and Art direction services for a multi-part installation.

The main feature was a life sized interactive wall complete with interactive triggers which would offer marketing and retail value data upon touching colorful elements. Inquerio’s designers and animators conceptualized, illustrated, animated, and composited the assets for the massive wall. Future Colossal developed the software.

Additionally, our team designed, illustrated, and animated additional assets for an Augmented Reality Table which brings a virtual floor space to life through the aid of Microsoft surface tablets

Walls on either side of the “virtual floor table” activate animated features detailing specifics of contextual merchandising. The team at Future Colossal was responsible for the development of this element of the activation as well.